Episode 36

Published on:

19th Dec 2022

Empowering Femininity: My Journey to Becoming an Image Consultant and Building a Community

In this episode we're going to talk about our goals for the new year and specifically, we're going to focus on relationships. I also wanted to share a little bit of gossip and keep things spicy by discussing the dissolve of marriages. A shout out to all of my new male listeners - welcome and thank you for the follow and the messages you've sent me expressing your appreciation for the show and the aesthetic.

Now, onto the topic of the night - femininity. I was recently having a conversation with a male friend about my plans to become an image consultant. My friend was extremely excited and supportive, telling me that it was definitely my lane and that I had an impeccable sense of style. This conversation took place about three years ago, before the pandemic.

I've always had a passion for fashion, beauty, and a certain aesthetic. I've built a reputation for myself in the hair industry, specializing in healthy hair color and short extensions. But my interests and talents don't stop there. I also love art, music, travel, and real estate. I have a multifaceted personality and I enjoy a variety of things, including those that are traditionally associated with women, like fashion and beauty.

However, one of my struggles has been trying to focus on just one thing. I know that when I put all of my energy and effort into something, it grows and succeeds. But it's hard for me to narrow down my interests because I have so many. As an Aquarius and an artsy person, I also have a desire to help others and be true to myself.

So, I've been working on finding a balance and allowing all of my passions to thrive simultaneously. That's why I had the idea to become an image consultant and help women who may have lost their confidence or feel stuck with their appearance. I wanted to offer services in hair, makeup, and fashion to help them feel more like their true selves.

But something led me to start a podcast first, which has turned into a community of women who really enjoy the content and information I provide. I'm grateful for this opportunity because it has given me the motivation and drive to keep going. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything falls into place at the perfect time. I'm manifesting all of my plans and dreams and it's all coming together.

Now, back to the topic of femininity. In my opinion, femininity is about embracing who you truly are and not conforming to societal expectations. It's about celebrating and empowering all types of femininity. It's not about fitting into a certain mold or fulfilling a certain role. It's about being true to yourself and owning your unique qualities and characteristics. That's what I want to help other women do through my image consulting services and my podcast.

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Hello my name is Rachel V. I’ve been in the beauty field for over 20 years, and I’ve been blessed to be apart of many personal conversations with women from all ages.

To all of my clients that I’ve been blessed with, from over the years thank you for allowing me in your private world.

I had no idea it would lead me to helping thousands of women, and that the conversation I was having with my clients was helping you, but also preparing me! The day I decided to start my podcast I would have never thought I would touch so many people in such a short period of time. Notice I didn’t say women b/c my male followers have reached out to showed love and support as well🤎
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My podcast is truly a organic space for women of all ages to learn, connect and grow with no judgment.

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