Episode 35

Published on:

6th Dec 2022

Watch The Company You Keep!!! R.I.P Shanquilla Robinson

The friends who were with Shanquilla Robinson, 25, when she passed away last month while on holiday in Mexico put the death down to alcohol poisoning.

However, Mexican authorities confirmed to The Daily Beast on Thursday that a homicide investigation is now being conducted into the death of the North Carolina hairstylist.

The new information also goes against a previous claim made by the US State Department that the evidence did not necessarily prove Robinson was killed.

The State Attorney General's Office for the northwest Mexican state of Baja Sur stated in an email that the investigative file was initially opened as a femicide, referring to a particular category of hate crime.

A representative for the AG's office said, "The simple fact that the victim is a woman doesn't determine that it's a femicide. If the investigation does not suggest that Robinson was killed because of her gender, it will be reclassified as a conventional homicide."

When Robinson and six pals went to San Jose del Cabo to celebrate one of their birthdays, he passed away under strange circumstances late last month. Robinson had a successful hair-braiding business in Charlotte. The group chose to remain in on their first night in town because they were staying in a pricey, five-bedroom luxury villa that cost upwards of $1,600 per night. When Robinson called her mother to let her know she had arrived safely and would be in touch again the following day, she claimed everything was good, local outlet WJZY said. A personal chef had made dinner for the travelers.

Robinson passed away in less than twenty-four hours.

Pease be careful of the company you keep. You don't know how their jealousy will manifest.

National attention has been drawn to the case, and activists and celebrities, including Cardi B, have called for justice.

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